1.    What is India Gift Center ?

India Gift Center is an Internet based professional gift service providing an opportunity to Indians abroad to send gifts to their near and dear ones in India starting at $5. It is run by Datalink Software, Chennai.

2.    What can I send ?

Chocolates, sweets/mithai, savouries, teddy bears, soft toys, dry fruits, silver coins, music cassettes, flowers, cakes, watches, toys, games and much much more. You can send everything and anything available in India through our catalog. 

3.    From where are the items bought ?

All the items in India are bought from the best sources in town which have been renowned for their quality for years. If you want us to buy from a specific place please mention it in our feedback form. We will get back to you to confirm its price. The sources of the products are already mentioned in the respective pages, if applicable.

4.    How is the item delivered ?

All items are hand delivered in Chennai (Madras) by us. Out of Chennai orders are usually hand delivered through a renowned courier Blue Dart Express, recognized for its prompt and trusted service. Perishable items like Flowers and Cakes are purchased and delivered only in the cities specified. All other items are delivered anywhere in India. Courier normally takes 2 to 3 working days to deliver. If Blue Dart does not provide service to a particular place or refuses to deliver certain gift items, we use the services of few good local couriers / Speed Post / Registered Post Parcel.

5.    Where can the gifts be delivered ?

The gifts will be delivered anywhere in India even in remote places. We normally send most of the gift items by Blue Dart Express. Depending upon the remoteness of recipient's place, we will send by local courier and if it is further in the remotest area, we will dispatch the gift by the speed post / registered post parcel.

6.   You mention delivery within 48 working hours in Chennai, does this mean you guarantee the date of  delivery ?

We try our best to deliver the gifts on the day specified. We do not accept that your happy occasion should be missed just because it is India. We believe that your occasion is important and we understand this. We have forged a new mentality in our employees, on-time delivery is a must.

7.    Can you deliver the Same Day ?

Yes. 90% of our orders are delivered  the same day in Chennai, but  we guarantee delivery / dispatch within 48 working hours. We do not deliver or dispatch on Sundays / Holidays.

8.     How can I help to ensure my delivery is made on time?

When filling out the order form please make sure you complete all items to the best of your  knowledge. Items such as address, telephone number and major landmarks are very helpful. Please indicate any instructions for us appropriately. PIN code is a must for courier shipments.

9.     Do you take an acknowledgement for every delivery ?

Yes. We can send you a copy if needed. 

10.    How can I order? Can I phone my order ?

All credit card orders must be placed only through Web. We do not accept credit card orders over phone or Email. This ensures complete protection of your credit card transaction as it is done on a secure server using SSL by CCNOW, the authorized online retailer. If you have an account with us, you are welcome to contact us via email any time, any day. Our email address is sales@indiagiftcenter.com

11.   Is it necessary to divulge credit card information over the Internet ?

It is safe to enter credit card details over internet because your browser is in Secure Mode using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) during checkout. If you have any concerns, you can mail us at  sales@indiagiftcenter.com. Your credit card details do not come to us nor does it go to our US Customer service center. Credit cards are processed by an authorized online retailer CCNOW on a secure server.

12.    How do I make the payment ?

Our authorized online retailer, CCNOW accepts Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/Novus) for all orders placed online. We accept personal checks / Money orders. You will have to open an account with us to pay by check and avail 10% discount on every order apart from other member benefits.

13.    How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made ?

The delivery of your ordered gift in India starts at the moment of securing your payment or on the date of delivery mentioned by you in the order form, which ever is later. For out of Chennai orders, we decide the shipping date depending on the delivery date you specify and the efficiency of the respective courier your gift item is supposed to be shipped with.

14.    Are the items delivered as per the display on the web page ?

The products will match the image on the webpage as the images have been sourced from the vendors from whom the final order is going to be sourced. But India Gift Center, reserves the right to deliver a similar / alternate product from different source for reasons beyond its control.

15.  What are your charges ?

As indicated on the web pages against each item. No additional charges of any kind. Account holders get 10% discount on every order. Visit "Account Holders" page for further details. Though the prices remain constant, India Gift Center reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice. India Gift Center also reserves the right to reject any order without any explanation.

16.  Are there any additional charges apart from the charges mentioned on the webpage ?

None. Our charges are all inclusive.

17.  What if the delivery is not done or is late ?

Even though we shall try to meet the date and time of delivery schedule as given in the order form, any delayed/early delivery for whatever reason shall not entitle the user for any damages from us. We are confident of providing prompt delivery service but due to unavoidable circumstances if any case arise such that we are not able to deliver the gifts, we shall refund you the money at the earliest. Please read our Terms and Conditions before placing the order.

18.  Can the order given be changed ?

Provided the change comes within 2 hours of the order being placed. This is because the processing starts at 9.00 am IST and almost all the gifts are delivered/shipped the same day. You cannot change the order value, you can only replace it with an item in the same price category.

19.  Who are Members and what are their benefits ?

We pay approximately 10% for your credit card transaction. You can save this 10% by opening an account with us and sending us a personal check / money order for minimum $50 in advance. You can then start placing the order using our member's order page designed specifically for account holders and avail 10% discount (which we would have otherwise paid for your credit card processing) on every order. Apart from 10% discount, there are other special benefits to members. Visit Members page for further information. We want you to save and by becoming our member you can save a lot.

20.  Can I send some message along with the gift ?

Yes, you can send message along with your gifts. Just type in your message in the instruction box in the order form. Your message will be sent along with the gift. Also, choose a FREE greeting card with every order. 

21. Can the recipient send me a return message?

Yes, the recipient can send a return message. As soon as we get the same, we will email it to you.

22. Can you deliver keeping my identity a secret?

Yes, we can do it provided you are not troubling anyone, because if such a referral comes back to us, we shall divulge your name. The understanding to keep your identity a secret is a mutual one. 

23. What if I have to cancel my order ?

You can change your order or request for a message/address change within 2 hours of the order being placed but in no circumstances will cancellation of order be allowed. You cannot change the order value, you can only replace it with an item in the same price category. In no circumstances will a refund be given. We are strict on this because we cannot afford the cost for chargebacks on your credit card, while providing the service for just $5.

24.  What if the recipient's address is wrong or the recipient no longer stays there ?

We will inform you of such an eventuality. You can inform us to change the  receiver's address within 5 days of receiving our message, else your order will  be cancelled and no refund will be made. But under no circumstances will the gifts be changed. In case of perishable commodities like sweets, cakes, flowers etc., an extra charge (our cost price) will incur for re-purchase.

25. I enter the order, what happens then ? How does the process go ?

As soon as you enter the order successfully, a message is sent to us, at Chennai, India. We start processing all orders at 9.00 am IST and make sure that the delivery is made (shipped by the couriers, if out of Chennai) the same day. In the events of the recipient not currently available or neighbors not accepting the gifts on behalf of the recipient, we will try to deliver it the next day by leaving a note for the recipient to contact our local office. Upon further delay, we will inform you to confirm the address / availability of the recipient. Almost all deliveries are acknowledged by the signature of the receiver and an e-mail is sent to you if there is a return message, after the delivery is complete. This ends the gift process.

26.  Are there any other considerations before I place my order ?

Few. While we take special care to deliver your gift items as soon as possible by choosing the fastest means, please avoid to send potential perishable items (some sweets) in your order if the recipient is remote and we have no other option than to send by registered post parcel. Also, not everything is shipped in single package. If Blue Dart refuses to accept certain gift items (like liquid canned sweets from Haldiram's or silver coins), we will send them through local courier or registered post.

27. Incase I have any doubts or require clarifications other than the topic covered in this FAQ, what should I do ?

We believe we have covered all the aspects here but just in case you have doubts or require clarifications on anything, feel free to mail us at sales@indiagiftcenter.com. We will honored to serve you.